Grant Guidelines – General

Program: A program is defined as an effort intended to improve the understanding of a topic(s) or issue(s) of importance to the health, happiness, and/or well-being of our community, or an ongoing, interactive effort to address a target community need(s) by providing individuals with access to services that will improve their health, happiness, and well-being.

Program proposal that we encourage:

  • Applications for seed money for new programs or new dimensions to existing ones;
  • Applications for transitional funds for programs that have recently lost a secure source of funding and have a proven record of meeting community needs.
  • Collaborative efforts among multiple agencies to address high priority community needs

Project: A project is defined as an effort to advance the effectiveness and/or operational growth of an applicant agency, or a program or initiative sponsored by the application through the acquisition of material and human resources and technology.

Project proposals that we encourage

  • Proposals for resources to significantly enhance an agency’s ability to operate effectively or improve services;
  • Proposals that are integral to the success of new or existing program;
  • Proposals for resources associated with new or newly renovated facilities.

Evaluation will be based on whether the program/project…

  • Is likely to positively affect a high-priority, high impact community need
  • Effectively benefit an agency’s clients • Adequately address sustainability beyond the Foundation’s grant
  • Has a clearly defined strategy to assess goals and outcomes
  • Provides an adequate realistic strategy to assess goals and outcomes • Provides an adequate, realistic timeline for completion
  • Documents reasonable efforts to obtain other sources of funding
  • Collaboration to reduce program costs • Includes an investment of labor and/or funds from the applicant agency
  • Will be administered by an agency that has successfully completed past program
  • Has social benefits that are proportional to its expenses

Not Normally funded Through Discretionary Grants:

  • Multiple projects from an organization during the same year
  • Advertising, public relations, or media events or expense
  • Individual conferences and trips
  • Agencies with taxing authority
  • Public, private, or charter schools (See Grant Programs – Education)
  • Scholarships (See Scholarships)
  • Umbrella agencies for the purpose of re-granting
  • Endowments
  • Applications that have been denied in a previous grant cycle unless recommended by the Board’s Grants Committee
  • Sectarian religious agencies unless event or activity is open to other denominations
  • Deficit financing
  • Routine operating expenses
  • Political lobbying efforts or campaigns
  • Organizations located outside Wayne County

Grant Application General

Generally, in order for grants to be reviewed in a timely fashion the following quarterly due dates should be followed: Feb 1- May 1- Aug 1 and Nov 1.

Five –Year Grant Recipient List