Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee is a youth-oriented and youth-administered mini-foundation within the Wayne County Community Foundation. The Committee will address the needs of Wayne County youth by awarding grants to groups within Wayne County’s public and private schools and other youth-connected organizations. The student volunteers on the Committee will develop philanthropic leadership skills as they better the youth community that will, hopefully, carry over into their adult lives.

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Youth Advisory Committee Members 2016-2017




Christopher Brindle
Quinn Williams(Co-secretary of student committee


Mason Clark
Zachary Kiesendahl


Hannah Smith
Christopher Higgins


Seth Brown

Lauren Glauner




Jordan Peer
Hope Bancroft


Josef Holbert  (Co-secretary of student committee)
Leah Jay


Lucas Flederbach
Lily Heffron


Hannah Holbert

Samantha Crum




Ben Field (Co-chairperson of student committee)

Jack Tuman (Co-chairperson of student committee)
Molly Boyko


Claudia Kovaleski
Benjamin Burkhardt


Samantha Atcavage
Evan Coons


Brandon Wittenbrader




Brandon Wittenbrader
Hannah Chapman



William Gershey (WCCF Chairperson for Youth Advisory Committee)

Kuni Holbert

Jane Varcoe

William McAllister

Grants Awarded by Youth Advisory Committee

Wayne County Community Foundation


2006 – 2007 School Year

Volunteer Club, Wallenpaupack Area Middle School                                                     $650

School Newspaper, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                   $610

8th Grade English Class, Wallenpaupack Area Middle School                                      $500

WAMS Swing Kids, Wallenpaupack Area Middle School                                               $240

Total: $2,000

2007 – 2008 School Year

Students Serving Students, Wayne Highlands Middle School                                       $300

Student Facilitator Program, Wallenpaupack Area Schools                                           $370

8th Grade General Music, Wallenpaupack Are Middle School                                       $120

WWHS Chorus, Western Wayne High School                                                                   $400

6th Grade, Damascus Elementary/Middle School                                                            $370

Damascus Youth Basketball, Damascus Elementary/Middle School                           $699

Total: $2,259

2008 – 2009 School Year

C.A.T.S. Club, Western Wayne High School                                                                       $400

C.A.T.S. Club, Western Wayne Middle School                                                                   $100

Weight Room, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                             $300

HHS Interact Club, Lakeside School/Stourbridge Primary School                               $500

WW Varsity Track, Western Wayne High School                                                             $300

Classrooms at Damascus Elementary/Middle School                                                     $300

Local History Club, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                   $150

Total: $2,050

2009 – 2010 School Year

D-TV (Television Production), Damascus Elem/Mid School                                         $350

Junior Academy of Science, Western Wayne Middle School                                          $613

Summer Arts Camp, Wayne Highlands School District, (Included students

from Wallenpaupack and Western Wayne School Districts.)                                       $250

Learning Support Classes, Damascus Elem/Mid School                                                 $500

Writer’s Workshop, Western Wayne High School                                                            $330

Total: $2,043

2010 – 2011 School Year

Community Garden, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                                      $200

School Store, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                                                   $400

Audubon Club, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                                                 $ 70

Play Production, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                                             $150

Anti-Bullying Campaign, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                              $146

TAFTY (Take Action for Tobacco Free Youth), Honesdale High School                    $186

Visit with Opera Singer, Honesdale High School                                                            $200

HHS Holiday Lights, Honesdale High School                                                                 $175

Classrooms at Damascus Elementary/Middle School                                                   $500

Indoor Track and Field, Western Wayne High School                                                  $100

Inter-Generational Quilting Project, Western Wayne High School                           $100

Reading Program, Canaan Christian Academy                                                               $ 85

Total: $2,262


2011-2012 School Year

Lakeside Garden, Lakeside Elementary School                                                             $400

TSA Group, Western Wayne Middle School                                                                   $250

Secret Santa, Stourbridge Primary Center                                                                      $150

Music and Movement Therapy, Wallenpaupack North Intermediate                       $300

Adapted PE therapeutic Riding Program, Honesdale High School                           $150

Westward Ho! The Western Expansion, Damascus Elem./Mid.                                $350

School Store, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                                                 $200

Holiday Lights, Honesdale High School                                                                          $200

Outdoor Basketball Hoop, Canaan Christian Academy                                                 $200

Total: $2,200

2012-2013 School Year

VEX Robotics, Western Wayne Middle School                                                                $420

Secret Santa, Stourbridge Primary Center                                                                        $200

Beyond Play Music Accessories, Stourbridge Primary Center                                      $500

Preschool High, Honesdale High School                                                                           $215

Indoor Track and Field, Western Wayne High School                                                   $250

Three-Hole Ball Hoop, Canaan Christian Academy                                                        $400

Total: $1,985

2013-2014 School Year

Secret Santa, Stourbridge Primary School                                                                         $150

Monarch Butterfly Eggs, Stourbridge Primary School                                                     $ 47

Holiday Happiness (CATS Club), Western Wayne Middle School                               $200

Air Mouse and Projector, Wallenpaupack North Intermediate School                       $250

Fishy Foundation, EverGreen Elementary School                                                            $ 70

Cat and Dog Beds (CATS Club), Western Wayne High School                                     $400

Theme Week, Baseball, Damascus Elementary/Middle School                                   $500

Wind Tunnel and Data Collection, Western Wayne High School                                $250

Discovery Day, Canaan Christian Academy                                                                     $200

Total: $2,067

2014-2015 School Year

Handbell Refurbishment, Wallenpaupack Middle School                                           $500

Secret Santa, Stourbridge Primary Center                                                                      $150

Toiletries/Dinner for Homeless                                                                                        $100

Supplemental Books for Support Groups, Wallenpaupack North Primary             $150

3D Scanner, Wallenpaupack High School                                                                      $404

Childhood Education Playschool Program, Honesdale High School                        $125

Community Summer Fun, Western Wayne High School                                            $166

Chess Club, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                              $200

WAHS Players, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                       $225

Total: $2,020

2015-2016 School Year

Kids Care, Honesdale High School                                                                                $250

Secret Santa, Stourbridge Primary Center                                                                   $150

Christmas Cheer, Western Wayne High School                                                         $175

Concept 2 Indoor Rower, Western Wayne High School                                           $400

Scoreboard, Canaan Christian Academy                                                                      $500

FIRST Robotics Team, Western Wayne and Honesdale High Schools                  $300

FACS Field Trip, Honesdale High School                                                                     $340

Garden for All, EverGreen Elementary School                                                            $300

Robot Arm, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                            $100

Total: $2,515


2016-2017 School Year

Caterpillars to Butterflies, Robert Wilson Elementary School                                   $250

Classroom Flags, Robert Wilson Elementary School                                                   $260

Osmo, Robert Wilson Elementary School                                                                      $189

Serve-a-thon, Canaan Christian Academy                                                                     $300

The All Stars Club, Lakeside Elementary/Stourbridge Primary Center                  $400

Wayne County Heritage Trail, Honesdale High School                                              $300

Auto Headsets, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                      $450

Science Olympiad, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                                $200

WAHS SADD Chapter, Wallenpaupack Area High School                                        $160

Total: $2,509

                                                                                                                               Total 2006 to 2016: $23,910